My professional story

I am a reliable, very hard working and dedicated professional that would combine my business experience with technical knowledge, being involved for more than 10 years of continuous improvements requirements and projects involving business process:

  • analysis, modelling and mapping,
  • re-engineering, solutions and architecture,
  • development for application implementation

I experienced multiple areas such as Sales Operations, Customer Operations, Supply Chain, Logistics and Distribution, Finance, HR and Administration, and industries such as Telecommunications, FMCG, Printing, Manufacturing, Start-ups, NGO.

I experienced about 3 years of programming in the ‘90s, and without becoming a software engineer, I can use now the minimum technical knowledge that allows me to quickly understand technical needs and language, and to transform the business processes and solutions into programming specifics requests. This ability has helped me along my career in understanding and translating business requirements into technical requirements, discussing easily with software engineers and implementers.

I now say, I am enjoying very much understanding and knowing so many innovative things

Based on this I can, now, create documentation and training material with ease.
Managerial experience has helped me in building great and successful teams, some of them becoming high and important in their professional career, some others willingly following me in my next jobs. I am very prod of the fact that from each team that I managed, at least one person has developed to higher education areas or roles, or joined me further.

My experience in telecommunication has helped me to develop, understand better and become a passionate of new technologies, IoT and AI; it helped me to be motivated and intellectually challenged; it motivated me to turn complexity into simplicity with creative ideas and design thinking when implementing E2E process and digital projects while thinking of connecting technologies with the dynamics of the markets.

My abilities in analysis and process mapping have helped me to discover my passion about market research and every new technology appearance, solution and methodology, therefore I read lots of white papers, run lots of trials and access sources that fulfil my intellectual curiosity and contributed to continuously develop myself.

Mostly my work took place and developed around the business transformation, change management and application implementation projects. In this way I learned and used all my abilities, innovative ideas and creativity, I considered all new projects, ideas, and tasks as a challenge and never stopped growing.

I was fortunate to have mentors in all my important moments of my life, every job and areas of the development. I learned my lessons along the way without questioning too much, analysing my behaviour and decisions and I must admit that not always has been easy.


This is how I discovered that I like mostly to work with open-minded people, to coach and build teams that strive for results, accomplish difficult projects, change and re-built processes and difficult projects.

My communication abilities, whether this is with stakeholders, peers, colleagues or customers, helped me in achieving project’s goals, obtaining approvals to go forward and implementing applications to replace others, or in areas that are not used to technology.

Client management have always attracted me as I consider that direct communication and discussions with the customer, internal or external, language understanding, cultural difference and openness are the most important when implementing projects or technology.

So, now I am looking for new and challenging opportunities that would complete my successful career and brings me more knowledge and development.