My Career Highlights

1495465849364_13Business Transformation and Change Programmes assisted through analysis of +250 silo business processes and data, mapped and designed overlapped data, processes and systems for 31 countries into a single version of the truth, and integration of +15 different systems and silo databases, to include 13 business areas such as Administration & HR, Customer and Sales Operations, Logistics and Distribution

marketing-project-management-and-organization-structure-portent-social.jpgAgile Scrum methodology used to Project manage Oracle, and Siebel application implementation to include business processes and systems data analysis, design, development and implementation for 6 different corporations, nationwide and globally, to serve Sales and Customer Operations, Marketing campaigns, Finance, Logistics and Distribution business areas


MDMAnalysed structured and unstructured data within +5 different systems and over 150 independent ASIS business processes, identified undocumented operational and system processes with no common procedures, financial and technologically focused, and designed Master Data Management concept and strategy to focus on Customer hierarchy, Product Lifecycle and Critical Data


cj.jpgStreamlined the Customer Journey process to a single version of internal processes from a baseline of 14 different processes in 31 countries and questions identification to support the Voice of the Customer and Customer Insight projects


architectureAssisted the Contact Strategy Program through analysis of existing processes, design, development and implementation of Knowledgebase, and designed the Customer Community(Portal) business process, wireframe and prototype to define the Customer Experience process continuous improvements.