SCRUM Non-core team

  • Stakeholders
    • Customers
    • Users
    • Sponsors
      • Interface with the SCRUM Core Team
      • Influence the project thorought
      • Project produces collaborative benefits
  • SCRUM guidance body
    • Set of documents or group of experts
    • Involved in defining objectives
      • Guide the work carried out by the Product owner, SCRUM Master and SCRUM teams
  • Vendors
    • External Individuals or Internal organisation
      • Provide products or services that are not within the core competencies of the project organisation
  • Chief Product Office
    • In bigger projects having multiple SCUM teams
    • Responsible for coordinating the work of Product Owners
  • Chief SCRUM Master
    • Coordinating SCRUM related activities in large projects with multiple SCRUM teams to work in parallel

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