User experience design

I am interested in understanding your business goals and priorities, your audience needs, the competitive landscape you sit in, and the ins and outs of your existing solutions and technical infrastructure.

I need to understand how your users and the people interact with the system/business in order to gain insights into their day-to-day processes, the tools they use, the challenges they face and the opportunities for innovation that exist.

We’ll immerse ourselves in your business domain, and we’ll ask you to work closely with us in the creation of a digital experience that exceeds your expectations, and those of your users. Sometimes, we’ll get you involved in rapid ideation workshops, giving you the opportunity to flex your own creative muscles, and to help us give birth to new ways of doing things.


Delivering value quickly

When our UX team starts to design stuff in earnest, they’ll do it quickly, going tangible early, iterating around concepts, testing propositions, honing requirements and successively enhancing the fidelity of our deliverables.

We’ll build rapid prototypes and we’ll test them with users, gradually fine-tuning functionality and interactions to achieve the best possible result.

This “lean” approach to design means we can manage and minimise the type of risk that usually accompanies large-scale IT projects.

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