DMAIC Road-Mapping

DMAIC Phase Steps Tools Used
D – Define Phase: Define the project goals and customer (internal and external) deliverables.
·         Define Customers and Requirements (CTQs)

·         Develop Problem Statement, Goals and Benefits

·         Identify Champion, Process Owner and Team

·         Define Resources

·         Evaluate Key Organizational Support

·         Develop Project Plan and Milestones

·         Develop High Level Process Map

·         Project Charter

·         Process Flowchart: Value stream

·         SIPOC Diagram

·         Stakeholder Analysis

·         DMAIC Work Breakdown Structure

·         CTQ Definitions

·         Voice of the Customer Gathering

Define Tollgate Review
M – Measure Phase: Measure the process to determine current performance; quantify the problem.
·         Define Defect, Opportunity, Unit and Metrics

·         Detailed Process Map of Appropriate Areas

·         Develop Data Collection Plan

·         Validate the Measurement System

·         Collect the Data

·         Begin Developing Y=f(x) Relationship

·         Determine Process Capability and Sigma Baseline

·         Process Flowchart

·         Data Collection Plan/Example

·         Benchmarking

·         Measurement System Analysis/Gage R&R

·         Voice of the Customer Gathering

·         Process Sigma Calculation

Measure Tollgate Review
A – Analyze Phase: Analyze and determine the root cause(s) of the defects.
·         Define Performance Objectives

·         Identify Value/Non-Value Added Process Steps

·         Identify Sources of Variation

·         Determine Root Cause(s)

·         Determine Vital Few x’s, Y=f(x) Relationship

·         Histogram

·         Pareto Chart

·         Time Series/Run Chart

·         Scatter Plot

·         Regression Analysis

·         Cause and Effect/Fishbone Diagram

·         5 Whys

·         Process Map Review and Analysis

·         Statistical Analysis

·         Hypothesis Testing (Continuous and Discrete)

·         Non-Normal Data Analysis

Analyze Tollgate Review
I – Improve Phase: Improve the process by eliminating defects.
·         Perform Design of Experiments

·         Develop Potential Solutions

·         Define Operating Tolerances of Potential System

·         Assess Failure Modes of Potential Solutions

·         Validate Potential Improvement by Pilot Studies

·         Correct/Re-Evaluate Potential Solution

·         Brainstorming

·         Mistake Proofing

·         Design of Experiments

·         Pugh Matrix

·         QFD/House of Quality

·         Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

·         Simulation Software

Improve Tollgate Review
C – Control Phase: Control future process performance.
·         Define and Validate Monitoring and Control System

·         Develop Standards and Procedures

·         Implement Statistical Process Control

·         Determine Process Capability

·         Develop Transfer Plan, Handoff to Process Owner

·         Verify Benefits, Cost Savings/Avoidance, Profit Growth

·         Close Project, Finalize Documentation

·         Communicate to Business, Celebrate

·         Process Sigma Calculation

·         Control Charts (Variable and Attribute)

·         Cost Savings Calculations

·         Control Plan

Control Tollgate Review



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