Project Management Consultant Responsibilities and Duties

Manage projects and related specific activities within given constraints of time, budget and quality.

Ensure scope, schedule and costs are reasonable and achievable.

Allocate work among team members and provide guidance regularly.

Conduct periodic and post-project reviews to ensure project is on track.

Coordinate functional perspectives from within and outside project teams.

Ensure all project documentation is updated and conveyed to relevant stakeholders on time.

Integrate self into client environment to effectively lead project team building positive professional relationships with clients and associates.

Define objectives, requirements and assumptions necessary to structure management project.

Plan, schedule and control activities to fulfill identified objectives applying technical, theoretical and managerial skills to satisfy project requirements.

Enforce and develop integrated development plan representing appropriate level of detail.

Develop task interdependency and project tactics with overall project strategy.

Establish and maintain high performing team and serve as project advocate within organization.

Consult and lead efforts of individual, team, client and other resources associated with project activity.

Ensure alignment on project goals and deliverables.

Lead risk management within project management team.

Ensure risks have appropriate mitigation and contingency plans.


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