My journey – from PA to Lean Business Consultant

Logistics management

I started my career working for a FMCG – a food manufacturing company  as an Admin & HR staff, very quickly after being promoted as a STOCK CONTROLLER.

PS – I dropped the programming school to be able to support myself. But those 3 years definitely marked my life and career


  • I created my own method to manage in and out goods process – no system was available by that time, barely having computers
  • I participated to development and implementation of an in-house application to manage HR related
  • I managed in-out trucks, delivery documents, custom documents, raw materials and finished goods stock.
  • I defined a forecast report and communicated very close to stakeholders
  • I was a member of the strategy board

After 2 years and a half I changed the industry, working for a printing company, as a SERVICE STOCK CONTROLLER, where I strayed also about 3 years.


  • I developed a new method to manage in and out of service parts process – a system was available at a basic level of programming
  • I managed in-out parts, service engineers data-base together with delivery documents, and custom/transfer documentation.
  • I defined a forecast report and communicated very close to stakeholders
  • I’ve been awarded with “the best business communication” price

Operations Management

My next roles was about to change my career completely. I joined the mobile telecom industry, a very new beginning in Romania, a start-up to become the most important telecom player, Connex – the future Vodafone.

My first job here was as Admin Clerk, and after 2 months I accepted the opportunity to work as a PA for the CFO, an american finance manager. Within 3 years while I worked for C level I learned and experienced shareholders, C-level and stakeholder communication, office management, finance and budgeting, marketing and research, and business presentations.

My next job was as LOGISTICS & OPERATIONS MANAGER managing for the first time a team – 8 ordering experts, 8 warehouse specialists, 3 drivers and 40 packaging, and company archive team of 2 specialists.


  • I designed the business processes, dashboards and BalanceScoreCard to report KPI’s results
  • I designed, developed and implemented the first application, in-house, to manage the end-to-end distribution process (ordering, packaging, distribution, delivery and stocks, and reports)
  • I re-design the business processes, and implemented Oracle Logistics, working together with 3rd party consultancy
  • I created working procedures, Health and Safety and Compliance (SOX) Policies
  • I been member of Product and Marketing Committee, Sales and Partners Strategy team, Company Transformation programme (managing the re-engineering of business processes related to Logistics area)
  • I held my first professional presentation – to Sales Partners, and system training sessions
  • I accomplished my CODECS curriculum as Certified Business Manager and multiple other courses and training, part of my development plan.
  • I’ve been assessed every year, including a 360 degree run internally and externally (Sales Partners)

I left this job after almost 4 years to join a FMCG company, extracting and bottling water, as a LOGISTICS DIRECTOR.


  • I managed the end-to-end process of water extraction, filtering, bottling, ordering, distribution and delivery, and car park maintenance (for over 100 cars) with a team of almost 100 people – 4 ordering experts, 80 drivers, 10 production engineers and specialists, and 6 car service engineers.
  • I designed and implemented the business processes
  • I defined and implemented the Operations working procedures and H&S, Rewards, Delivery and Returns Policies
  • I designed, developed and implemented a Logistics application, in-house developed, working together with a programmer

The next opportunity brought me the EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR role with an NGO firm designated to support the Romania integration in NATO structures by working very closely with the Romanian Government and NATO officials. It was a very intense, interesting and valued period of time, for me and my country, involving multiple specific activities, meetings, press conference and media, social networking, and managing in the same time a state budget and official expenses.

Following this extraordinary experience, I returned in Telecom to join a Transformation programme as a PROJECT MANAGER to re-design the business processes and help Oracle implementation. Soon after joining, in about 2 months I have been promote as TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM OFFICE MANAGER.


  • I managed a team of 10 Project Managers and Budget experts
  • I investigated and redesigned the business processes related to Admin and HR areas by discussing individually with more than 100 people
  • I manually designed 42 ASIS processes and roles /responsibilities
  • I streamlined the ASIS processes into 5 TOBE processes, designed the user journey including the common touch-points and interactions
  • I defined the new roles and created the new responsibilities (JD’s) by developing a HR manual to include the HR Policies and working procedures
  • I defined the business process to fit the Oracle development and implementation, negotiating with all other business areas the common processes negotiating with all other business areas the common processes.
  • I created the employees, car fleet, documents and activities database to migrate it to Oracle during implementation phase
  • I managed the UAT and created user scenarios for testing purpose
  • I’ve been directly involved in the road-show to implement Oracle nationwide
  • I prepared materials and scheduled training sessions, and held training to all Oracle users
  • I developed the budget wireframe and created the budget manual, both in English and Romanian

After Business Transformation implementation, a 3 year programme, I changed role for COMMERCIAL RISK MANAGER within the Commercial area, a Sales Operations division.

6 months later I took over a LEAN BPM & SALES OPERATIONS MANAGER role,  within the B2B Sales Operations, to manage a team of 6 Business Analysts and supporting 4 main Sales areas – Direct Sales, SOHO Inbound Call Center, SME Outbound Call Center, Sales Partners.


  • I led the Sales Reporting process, Sales forecast process and Commissioning coordination
  • I led the commissioning process management for Sales Partners – analysis and reporting, and commissioning procedure
  • I led the definition and implementation of the business processes for each of the sales areas
  • I led the Customer Base segmentation process, negotiated commons sales portfolios (with LA and KA)  and cleansing process for Oracle implementation
  • I designed and implemented an end-to-end Sales management application, in-house, together with a 3rd party developer – defined business requirements and technical specs
  • I designed the sales processes to implement Sales Cloud implementation – defined business requirements and technical specs
  • I led the Customer Base segmentation revisions, portfolio allocation and agreement, cleansing and migration Salesforce application to align with Oracle Customer Base
  • I designed the Customer journey and user experience related to each sales area – defined each touchpoint and interaction, rules and validations, including approval process
  • I designed the sales processes to implement Sales Cloud implementation and acted as a Project Manager for this project
  • I led the Customer Base segmentation revisions, portfolio allocation and agreement, cleansing and migration to Siebel application, and acted as a Project Manager for this project
  • I led the definition and implementation of the Working Procedures, User Manuals and Training Manuals, and Commissioning Policy
  • Led division budget management (OPEX and CAPEX) – budgetary exercise, negotiation and management