How I see Myself

A business manager by education, a project, product and process owner by experience, with a solid knowledge in implementing applications and solutions management from the business process point of view, I possess the ability to work at a conceptual level with a deep understanding of the business, where objectives and requirements may not be well defined, and display the linkage between projects and desired business results, acting as change agent and facilitator for a range of customer experience sectors.

Passionate about excellence in everything that I do, verbal and writen communication is one of my strenghts, focusing on finding solution to the problem, using data and core business processes to best improve results, passionate about new technology, IoT and AI, and committed to quality results, I am highly motivated and result-oriented Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certified and Business Analysis experienced with an exceptional ability of driving process improvement, cost reduction, cycle time reduction, and quality improvement.

I am a self-starter, fast-learner, multi-task professional with an ability to self-develop due to my active curiosity and ambitious enough to adapt and adopt the environment where I work.

Producers innovate; Customers validate

I am a result-oriented and when I’m involved with a project I want to do my best to achieve success and become comfortable with heavy involvement in large projects including business applications implementation, user experience and user acceptance test planning.

Using my experience gained in a variety of industry sectors, I proactively help companies achieve their objectives while minimizing risk and identifying new opportunities during change periods of business transformation and customer operations.

I combine my business experience with technical knowledge, being involved for more than 10 years in projects involving business process and application implementation.

  • analysis, modelling and mapping,
  • re-engineering, solutions and architecture
  • development of application implementation (e.g.

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My expertise include, but is not limited to…

My skills

My experience



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