Core Skills

A great listener Turn off analysis hat and really listen to what our stakeholders have to say. Using a variety of active listening techniques will help stakeholders realize I did really hear what they said and understood what they meant. Define the problem before discussing solutions. Become a sounding board for new ideas and look for ways to … Continue reading Core Skills


Agile Business Analyst

I sat down with two stakeholders in one of my previous organization to map out the process for attending implementing Siebel SFA. Before I analyzed it, there were tons of issues with this process, and often a performance report will show wrong figures or a non accurate pipeline. By going through the method of Business … Continue reading Agile Business Analyst

Soft Skills

Easily liaise with Stakeholders, managers, project members, end users Excellent observer of the processes in action Very good in finding solutions to process improve or automate Expertise in managing process change through process redesign workshops Excellent in defining project’s road-map and timelines, and documentation Great facilitation of process workshops and hold meetings Strong Stakeholders’ engagement … Continue reading Soft Skills