Use What’s Already Available

Existing strategy documentation, goals and objectives, policies, procedures, process documentation, data, organisational charts and other pertinent plans and information will provide a basis for evaluating both the scope of the prospective assessment and serve to help in the planning and preparation for the assessment. Assessment Goals Validate critical business measures and selection high leverage projects … Continue reading Use What’s Already Available


Assessing for Lean Six Sigma Implementation and Success

Successful corporate initiatives such as Lean Six Sigma require proper planning, prioritization, resource allocation, budgeting, training, and proper review and reward mechanics. These initiatives also must consider the stability, accuracy and maturity of the core processes, measurement systems and the people they will affect. In most organizations there is a wide range of both experience … Continue reading Assessing for Lean Six Sigma Implementation and Success

The ‘Big Why’

With Six Sigma, there is a tendency sometimes to get caught up in the tools, the training, the certification, the statistics…. There are numerous examples to show how this approach can be translated into results that have a positive impact on the patients coming through the system everyday, and for the professionals caring for those … Continue reading The ‘Big Why’