Project Management Consultant Responsibilities and Duties

Manage projects and related specific activities within given constraints of time, budget and quality. Ensure scope, schedule and costs are reasonable and achievable. Allocate work among team members and provide guidance regularly. Conduct periodic and post-project reviews to ensure project is on track. Coordinate functional perspectives from within and outside project teams. Ensure all project … Continue reading Project Management Consultant Responsibilities and Duties

As a Project Management Consultant

I bring specialized skills and knowledge to assist companies in making the best possible business decisions. I typically provide oversight and leadership in executing projects from planning to completion. Daily tasks can include managing budgets, resources and relationships to achieve organizational objectives, as well as planning, developing and executing schedules to ensure timely completion of projects. I define and monitor … Continue reading As a Project Management Consultant

How I work: Lean, Agile and Six Sigma

Six Sigma Project Charter Use What’s Already Available Aligning with Objectives and Strategies Aligning with Organisational Strategies Think - Analysis Important to Understand the Process Before Improving It Gather Business Requirements Requirements Workshop Requirements questionnaire Prioritise Requirements Assembling the Results of Assessment Defining CTQ Outputs: A Key Step in the Design Process Value Stream mapping … Continue reading How I work: Lean, Agile and Six Sigma

Problem solving with The 5 Whys Technique

5 Whys technique - a technique for identifying the exact root cause of a problem to determine the appropriate solution. It is best used for solving human interaction problems. Because most problems have a human element to them, this technique traces "technical problems" back to their human causes, where possible. The 5 Whys technique is … Continue reading Problem solving with The 5 Whys Technique

Affinity Diagram

The Affinity Diagram is one of the best sense-making tools. It allows you to sort out masses of information into natural groups based on the common characteristics they share or the categories they fall into. It’s also an interactive tool for analyzing the ideas/suggestions you get from brainstorming sessions. Describe the problem or issue Brainstorm … Continue reading Affinity Diagram