Critical Success Factors of Six Sigma Project

In Lean and Six Sigma project management, a critical success factor (the acronym “CSF“) represents a definite characteristic, variable, or condition which directly and significantly impacts the sustainable process development and viability of an improvement project. Any project activity impacted by CSFs requires immediate attention and excellence in implementation in order to ensure the achievement of one … Continue reading Critical Success Factors of Six Sigma Project

Lean project management

Lean is an iterative agile methodology which own much of its principles and practices of Lean Manufacturing approach also known as 'just in time production' pioneered by Toyota. Lean management integrates all processes and operations into a single system where less labor, capital, time, workspace, and technology are spent on producing more valued products and … Continue reading Lean project management

Project Quality Management

1. Quality planning: identifying which quality standards are relevant to the project and how to satisfy them 2. Quality assurance: periodically evaluating overall project performance to ensure the project will satisfy the relevant quality standards Quality audit - structured review Benchmarking - ideas 3. Quality control: monitoring specific project results to ensure that they comply … Continue reading Project Quality Management