Process Sigma Calculator Assumptions

Definitions Unit - A unit is any item that is produced or processed which is liable for measurement or evaluation against predetermined criteria or standards. Opportunity Defect DPU - Defects per unit (DPU) represents the number of defects divided by the number of products. Example: If there are 34 defects in 750 units DPU will be … Continue reading Process Sigma Calculator Assumptions


How I work: Lean, Agile and Six Sigma

Six Sigma Project Charter Use What’s Already Available Aligning with Objectives and Strategies Aligning with Organisational Strategies Think - Analysis Important to Understand the Process Before Improving It Gather Business Requirements Requirements Workshop Requirements questionnaire Prioritise Requirements Assembling the Results of Assessment Defining CTQ Outputs: A Key Step in the Design Process Value Stream mapping … Continue reading How I work: Lean, Agile and Six Sigma