B2B Customer Portfolio management

The Goal:

Mapping and preparing for migration B2B Customer Portfolio, project led by KPMG, by analysing Customer Data Base, Cleansing and Cleaning, Customer segmentation and Portfolios allocation –- project value of $8m


  • Continuously changing Customer Base and Sales Agent Portfolio allocation
  • Lack of transparency and validation rules

Areas covered:

Direct Sales, Outbound SME and SOHO Call Centre, Inbound Call Centre, Indirect Sales, Customer Support

Systems to be synchronised and updated:

  • Oracle EBS
  • SalesForce Service Cloud, Siebel SFA


  • Customer Base analysis and preparation – cleansing and cleaning
  • Data mining and Customer hierarchy organising, assessing all Customers by value, geography and sales ownership
  • Customer profiling and segmentation – for over 170.000 B2B profiles at national level
  • Defining Portfolio Business process, producing Governance rules and Ownership Transfer Policy
  • Sales Agents allocation to Customer = Portfolios
  • Customer Database preparation and migration into systems
  • Defined performance reporting metrics definition and BalanceScoreCard
  • Train Sales and Support teams on how to work and decide future portfolios split, coaching them on Governance rules and Performance measurements


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