Design and implementation of SalesForce Customer Community


  • Design, develop and implement the Customer portal and develop Customer Communities based on Customer types
  • Develop Community management organisation, roles and responsibilities

Role: Hand-on Project Manager, with Business Analysis responsibilities and Change management attributions

Systems integration: Oracle, ServiceMax, Service Cloud, Salesforce Knowledgebase, CMS

The Context:

  • No common platform for existing customers to self-serve
  • No access to order status in real-time, not invoice or payments
  • Lack of ordering transparency and limited access to product catalogue, return procedure and contditions
  • Customers contact through multiple and not integrated Communication channels
  • Long waiting time to solve issues
  • Lack of Customer insight reports to measure order cycle time, time to response, quality of response, Customer land other measurements


  • To cover approx. 10.000 Customers globally and company’s support teams’ of 2500 employees (Sales Support, Service Engineers, and Technical Help Desk)
  • To align with the 360-degree view of the Customer
  • To follow the Customer Journey key touchpoints and Customer’s Lifecycle
  • To align with company’s Servitization products mapping and Case deflection objectives.

Project value estimated to £700k

Tools used: Axure RP, Adonis, Smartsheet, Salesforce Community, AppExchange, Powerpoint, MP4, Post-it notes


  • Held Stakeholder meeting to understand the goal and objectives – defined the Project Charter
  • Organised Requirements workshops: over 100 people from 13 different business areas – gathered business requirements, including forms, systems, rules and locations
  • Centralised requirements – over 350 requirements related to internal and external customers, linked to systems or off line requirements
  • Categorised and prioritised requirements by business area, roles, geography, customer type, touch points
  • Analysed requirements, and designed solution business process – used ADONIS software
  • Prepared the Community wireframe , an interactive presentation, cloud based – used AXURE RP software
    • Designed the Customer Community solution architecture to define overlapped data and systems integration needs
    • Defined and designed the Concept
    • Defined and designed the strategy framework
    • Modelled SIPOC and Customer Journey mappings
    • User management processes
  • Held Stakeholder meetings – to present requirements analysis, proposal and obtain agreement
    • Designed the high-level Customer Centric overlapping process – for 13 business areas, 4 business applications and data warehouse, technical and business processes
    • Defined and designed the Portal Journey and road-map
    • Prepared budget estimation to include user licenses, organisation, integration and synchronization with
    • Designed and developed a Community prototype – to demonstrate Customer Journey and usability
      • Community platform activation
      • User profiles and security setup
      • AppExchange setup and configuration
      • Pages configuration and design
  • Defined the Community organisation – roles and responsibilities for Community administration but the other roles and visibility rights
  • Created Project Initiation Document, budget estimation and prepared CAPEX documentation for approval
  • UX design and proposal on a configured Prototype
    • “MyAccount” concept
    • Self-service features, forms and links to systems
  • Business processes for each step of the Customer Journey – as decided to be integrated in the portal


  • Designed the Customer Community strategy,  an interactive Wireframe and a live Prototype on a platform
  • Defined organisation structure, roles and responsibilities
  • Defined user experience design, visibility rights matrix and user profiles, validation and sharing rules






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