Implementing Knowledgebase application globally

The Goal:

Designing, developing and deploying the global Knowledgebase application, implemented on a platform

“The right people to have the right information at the right time with right cost”

The Context:

  • The project is part of the Customer Contact Strategy and a building block for Customer Portal
  • Existing knowledge of 120.000 technical documentation, videos, pictures, whitepapers, case studies and commercial documents held in multiple and various areas of the business, not controlled and secured

Project value of £50k

My role(s):

Hands-on Project Manager, including Business Process Manager, Product and Process Owner

Areas covered:

Global Product Management, Global Sales operations, Global Customer Operations, Global Service Engineering and Global Technical Support

Other systems to be synchronised and integrated:

  • CMS – Technical Product documents
  • (ServiceMax, Service Cloud)
  • Training app
  • Document management system – Alfresco
  • Corporate Intranet


  • Deployed the global Knowledgebase application globally
  • Implemented the Governance rules and approval Policy
  • Created KCS organisation, the Knowledgebase support team
  • Designed and implemented UX and UI

My Tasks:

Project Management:

  • Defined the Knowledgebase Concept
  • Defined project planning and roll-out
  • Prepared Business case and obtained management approval – CAPEX budget
  • Defined and implemented the Governance rules
  • Defined and documented Approval Policy
  • Managed a project team of 8 employees from different business areas with agile scrum
  • User and Super-User Testing documentation and UAT management
  • Sprint planning
  • Deployed the global Knowledgebase application globally
  • Roll-out to UK, Europe and US business divisions
  • Prepared project’s documentation and status reports
  • Ensured post-implementation support and guidance

Business Process Analysis, Mapping and Management:

  • Gathered and documented the business requirements – workshops, brainstorming and interviews sessions
    • Stakeholders
    • End users
    • Article specialists
    • 3rd party consultants
  • Designed the specific business processes – Editing, Reviewing, Approval, Translation and Publishing
  • Designed and implemented UX and UI
  • Created of Articles base taxonomy
  • Defined User Profiles, User Roles, and User Hierarchy
  • Defined and implemented the Approval process
  • Documented Business Functional Requirements
  • Documented Technical Specifications
  • Designed and implemented the Signature Authority matrix
  • The application setup, configuration  and implementation
    • Business Objects – Tabs and Pages
    • Article Categories – up to 100 categories and sub-categories
    • Article Types and Templates – up to 5 types with custom templates
    • Custom fields and Field-Level Security – related to each Article type
    • User Profiles, Hierarchy, Roles and Permissions
    • Integration with Service Cloud and Service Max, and Mobile available
  • Created prototype demo and infographics – awareness and communication purpose, part of the change management
  • Held Training sessions and produced training materials
  • Defined KCS organisation roles – Administrator, Editor, Reviewer, Approver
  • Created KCS organisation, the Knowledgebase support team, and hired trained and supervised 2 dedicated Editors
  • Prepared data migration planning from other storage areas across the company to Knowledgebase (a single point of information)
  • Created and Published 500 Articles
  • Prepared Knowledgebase user manual
  • Prepared technical specifications for CMS integration and synchronisation
  • Prepared business requirements for links to the existing Document Management system


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