Distributor Support process re-engineering

The Goal:

Analysis and delivery of the Business Process optimisation for Distributor Support teams by reviewing user experience and related systems processes including user profiles, permission sets, user groups and validation rules for Sales and Service teams within the synchronized process between Salesforce Cloud platform, Oracle and BuyDomino-Online shop.


  1. The systems are not helping the team to be more time efficient
  2. There are no automated validation rules which creates time consuming ordering through BuyDomino for both, Customers and Support team members
  3. Warranty process – excel based Form sent by e-mail, not automated lookup, no link to ServiceMax – time consuming for both, Customers and Support, and difficult management
  4. Buyers refuse to follow Domino Ordering rules – they do not want to use BuyDomino
  5. Lack of use of Salesforce by the BDMs and communication with Customers – consider that this is Support team’s duty only
  6. Distributors do not have a hierarchy created in Oracle or SalesForce – cleaning and classification is needed
  7. Individual approach of the process – no mandatory steps in Case management, therefore some details are not always checked

Estimated Project value of £3k

My role(s): Business Process Analyst

Areas covered: All global Distributor Support business areas

*Distributors are Company’s Partners and are treated also as Customer

Systems to be affected, synchronised, developed and/or integrated:

  • Oracle EBS
  • The online store
  • Force.com (ServiceMax, Service Cloud)
  • Agile R&D


  • Planned and held individual discussions with Distributor Support team to identify existing process and issues
  • Gathered requirements and issues, centralised, categorised and mapped SIPOC for each
  • Produced CTQ for each type of Distributor – multiple types, hierarchies, conditions and rules
  • Identified common areas and unique areas – mostly related to geography, cultural and political conditions
  • Analysed SIPOC processes and overlapped them to identify the most common process and find solution for discrepancies
  • Defined and designed the new process with solutions included
  • Produced project report, conclusion and recommendations
  • Proposed changes to Support members roles and responsibilities, and Sales team as well

Distributor Support


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