• Project manage multiple projects – MDM (Master Data Management),Knowledgebase and Customer Community – define and design the Concept, Strategy and Wireframe, Scoping, Planning and road map, Budget, Prototypes, Implementation and Documentation
  • Plan and held workshops to facilitate business requirements gathering, process mappings and change management
  • Design of Customer Journey – Mapping and Framework, User Experience, and creation of application architecture and Prototypes
  • Analysis and design of Business Processes for SalesForce implementation – Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Knowledgebase and Customer Portal, to include user profiling and organisation hierarchy, roles and responsibilities, visibility and security
  • Hand-on project management for business applications implementation – SalesForce, Master Data, Oracle and other systems integration/synchronisation


  • Led the Business Process Improvement project, part of Business Transformation and Change Programmes through analysis of +250 independent business processes and data, mapped and designed value stream processes, data and systems for 31 countries into a high-level streamlined process, driving integration of +15 different systems and silo databases into a single version of the truth
  • Led the Customer Journey design through streamlining existing Customer related processes to a single version of internal processes from a baseline of 14 different processes in 31 countries, globally, and identified operational and business questions to support the Voice of the Customer and Customer Insight projects and align with the Customer base integrated to company’s ecosystem, SalesForce, ServiceMax and Oracle.
  • Led the implementation of SalesForce Knowledgebase as part of the Contact Strategy and Digital Transformation Programmes through analysis of the existing processes, designing, developing and defining validation rules and the approval process, including solution architecture, configuration of SalesForce business objects, user groups, roles and permissions, data categories, Article templates and custom fields, governance and system development and implementation, and post-implementation support.
  • Led the SalesForce Customer Community(the Portal) project, designed and defined the concept and strategy, analysed and defined the business process to align the Servitization program and Customer Centricity strategy and enable a single version of Customer Self-Service, designed the wireframe and created prototypes to demonstrate the Customer Experience process and its continuous improvements – configured Communities standard and custom pages, integrated AppExchange and defined User profiles, groups, hierarchy, roles and permissions, integration with Knowledgebase and defined technical specs for CMS and Oracle integration)
  • Led the Master Data Management project design and concept creation, defined the strategy, analysed +150 ASIS independent processes and documents, defined SIPOC and the HL Value Stream process to identify overlapping data and systems to allow solution architecture design and focus on data cleansing, systems integration/synchronisation and management of Customer hierarchy, Product Lifecycle and Critical Data; created up to 28 new single business processes, and Data modelling to define Mandatory data, Product Lifecycle, Glossary and Governance rules.


Design and implementation of SalesForce Customer Community

Design of Master Data Management

Implementing Force.com Knowledgebase application globally

Mapping of the Customer Journey


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