Investigation and delivery of B2B Sales Processes optimisation

The Goal:

Investigation and delivery of B2B Sales Processes optimisation by analysis of the end-to-end operational process overlapping the enterprise systems and data synchronization, roles and profiles, and creating the approval process and authority’s matrix to comply with SOX regulations

The Context:

Existing sales processes need to be revised and optimised in preparation of SalesForce implementation

Areas covered:

Direct Sales, Indirect Sales, Outbound SME and SOHO Call Centres, Inbound Call Centre, Customer Support teams


  • Analysed sales processes and identified areas, rules and processes leading to automation and optimisation
  • Analysed existing reports, dashboards and balanced scorecards  to identify areas that will need changes during and after Salesforce implementation
  • Facilitated discussions and workshops with Stakeholders to gather business requirements
  • Defined SIPOC for each sales area and identified related changes – process, roles and working procedure, and the impact in reporting and commissioning
  • Prepared process mappings and produced documentation related to validation rules and governance rules
  • Presented and agreed new processes, rules and working procedures, and prepared for SalesForce implementation




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