Investigation and delivery of Business Processes mapping for Oracle EBS

The Goal:

  • Evaluate and identify business processes covered and not covered by Oracle EBS global implementation
  • Prepare a centralized database of all business processes to define employee profiles, new roles definition and changes, training and development planning

The Context:

The project is part of the Business Transformation

My role(s): Lean Business Process Analyst

Area covered:

Business processes, globally covered and uncovered by Oracle EBS – Customer Operations, Manufacturing and Production, Supply Chain and Distribution, Product Management, R&D, Sales and Marketing

Oracle EBS modules covered: Sales, Purchasing, Planning, Shipping, Receiving, Item Master, Bills of Material, and Costing


  • Identified and analysed of the existing business processes around the company, globally, created taxonomy  and centralised processes base for global control and management
  • Designed and modelled the high-level overlapping operational processes, and overlapping the enterprise systems
  • Mapped potential duplicate tasks and data, and identified data that could be synchronised (following the MDM structure)

My tasks:

  • Identified and analysed processes covered by Oracle EBS – created taxonomy
  • Identified and analysed business processes uncovered by Oracle EBS – created taxonomy
  • Centralized all processes and categorised them for easy reporting
  • Identified and categorised related documentation
    • provided by KPMG
    • existing within local storage locations around the company
      • policy, procedures, designs, working rules, training materials, product instructions and local business processes
  • Mapped a centralized taxonomy – gathered all processes with or without formal documentation
  • Identified and categorised owners and business areas responsible for each process
  • Identified and categorized user roles and profiles for each task included in the process
  • Defined and categorised the links between the processes and investigated common tasks
  • Flagged existing formal documentation (such as Process, Cheat sheet, UPK)
  • Mapped the business processes as a centralized database for global control and management
  • Prepared roles and profiles database for training planning to be redefined and managed
  • Flagged processes with structured data that can be synchronised

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