• Sales business process analysis and re-engineering, to include the B2B Customer Base cleansing and cleaning, Segmentation and Customer Portfolio management
  • Project Management and Business application implementation – Force.com, Siebel SFA
  • Customer Journey modelling and mapping, and User Experience design, including roles and responsibilities changes
  • Sales Policy, Procedures and Governance Rules definition and implementation through process workshops and training on site
  • Reports, Dashboard and Scorecard definition and management – managing a team of 8 Business analysts


  • Assisted Business Transformation Programme through 5 independent sales process analysis and Customer database cleansing and segmentation, modelling and developing a single process, roles and responsibilities to match Force.com Service Cloud and Siebel SFA requirements, implemented and deployed SFA and pre-sales in-house applications to support Customer Contact Centre teams – SOHO Inbound, SOHO & SME Outbound, Direct Sales Force, and Partner – improved time to approve with 20%, 90% data synchronization and accuracy, and reporting accuracy with 80%
  • Analysed and developed the Sales Funnel process managing Sales Pipeline and Forecast, and coordinated +10 Sales Campaigns – increased sales acquisition rate from 1% to 2% with 1% and improved sales portfolio with 10%, while decreasing retention with 5%

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