Freelance Consulting – Self-employed, IT and Business projects – Business Application Implementation

Joining an innovative , open minded and quality focused environment with expanding organisations involved in a transformation program. implementing culture changes and re-engineering business processes to create greater customer experience. I think of best solutions and make it happen.

  • Advisor, planner, and leader in working with internal and external clients to devise and implement solutions related to process or quality improvement
  • Schedule, plan, and document project data and progress, work with stakeholders at varying levels and must build new client relationships while developing and maintaining current relationships
  • Anticipate potential problems and risks that may occur with a prospective project before they occur and resolve team conflicts, budgetary restraints, and other obstacles often hamper the completion or implementation of a new project
  • Adhere to the agreed-upon time and budget restrictions established in the signed project contract


  • Business Strategy definition for a UK start-up within the Geophysics industry, including company registration, market research, web-site builder and content management, add management, and Client management advisory.
  • Independently working with a “stealth” UK start-up for developing a self-coaching application and preparing Business processes modelling and framework – under NDA contract



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