SalesForce Customer Community (portal) implementation

The Context:

No common platform for existing customers to self-serve

No access to order status in real-time, not invoice or payments

Lack of ordering transparency and limited access to product catalogue, return procedure and conditions

Customers contact through multiple and not integrated Communication channels

Long waiting time to solve issues

Lack of Customer insight reports to measure order cycle time, time to response, quality of response, Customer land other measurements



To cover approx. 10.000 Customers globally and company’s support teams’ of 2500 employees (Sales Support, Service Engineers, and Technical Help Desk)

To align with the 360-degree view of the Customer

To follow the Customer Journey key touchpoints and Customer’s Lifecycle

To align with company’s Servitization products mapping and Case deflection objectives.


Project value estimated to £700k



Organised and facilitated requirements workshops with Stakeholders and over 100 people from 13 different business areas

Centralised over 350 requirements related to internal and external customers, linked to systems or off line requirements, analysed, categorised and prioritised them, and designed solution business process – used ADONIS software

Prepared the Community wireframe – used AXURE RP software to present the wireframe

Designed the Customer Community solution architecture and defined overlapping data

Designed the concept and strategy framework, SIPOC and Customer Journey mappings

Defined organisation and User experience solution – user profile, hierarchies, roles and responsibilities, visibility rights and permissions

Defined and designed the Portal Journey and road-map, and created a Community prototype – to demonstrate Customer experience continuous improvements

Configured Salesforce Community, user profiles and security, AppExchange, Custom Pages and design

Produced Project documentation and budget estimation for Stakeholders approval

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